Bruce Hood

Mine! The Power of Ownership

Ownership is a peculiar human preoccupation which defines who we are. Ownership controls our lives and yet, very few things have labels on them. How do children learn about ownership and how does ownership influence our pro-sociality and the values we attribute in a changing material world?


Bruce Hood is a Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society in the School of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. Bruce has written three books for the general public, “SuperSense” (HarperOne, 2009) about the natural origins of supernatural beliefs which has been published in 12 countries, “The Self Illusion” (Constable & Robinson 2012) about the fallacy that we are coherent, integrated individuals but rather a constructed narrative largely influenced by those around us and “The Domesticated Brain” (Pelican, 2014) an evolutionary account for the rise in pro-sociality and lengthening of human childhood. Bruce has appeared in a number of TV science documentaries and in 2011 he delivered the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which were broadcast on the BBC to over 4 million viewers. You can see the lectures as well as behind-the-scenes at the Ri Channel. Bruce is the founder of the world’s largest expert speaker database which he launched in 2015 and continues to grow at a rapid pace