Chris Paradox

Becoming Nobody: Winning the battle between your own worst enemy and your inner hero

What relationship with self is best for both self and society? After deliberately giving up the status and material security of his Ad Agency Director self, in favour of the non status and material insecurity of his homeless Big Issue selling self, Chris discovered a profoundly paradoxical truth about both self and society.


Over the last 14 years Chris has performed for, spoken to and inspired over 100,000 people in countries all around the world.He’s developed and delivered over 50 “Art of Meaning” workshops and compered dozens of live events and festival stages. He’s the creator of The Art of Meaning Course: Make Your Life Matter and also the Founder of The Ikigai Mastermind a group coaching programme that empowers its members to find and live their Ikigai – a Japanese word that symbolises “that which you love, that which you’re good at, that which the world needs and that for which you can be paid”.