Jan Williams

Beyond the tourist road signs – everywhere is interesting

How do you define an attraction and who decides what’s worthy of our attention – picturesque, even? Does it have to be in a tourist brochure and have an admission fee? Not according to artist and photographer Jan Williams who believes that everywhere is interesting and never goes anywhere without a camera. There’s a free visual feast, accessible to all, right on our doorstep, all we have to do is look!


Jan Williams and her partner Chris Teasdale run The Caravan Gallery – a gallery in a caravan and a mobile art project – in 2000 to document ‘the reality and surreality of the way we live today’. Since setting up in 2000 they have travelled thousands of miles and exhibited in hundreds of locations, taking art to people and places other galleries might not easily reach.  Southampton is hosting the final leg of a major national tour in partnership with six museums and galleries. This incorporates extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain by The Caravan Gallery at Solent Showcase and the Southampton Pride of Place Project, a participatory exhibition-cum- alternative visitor information centre in an empty shop, which explores people’s relationship to the city.