Part 1: 1pm

Anil Seth – Being a beast machine

Bruce Hood – Mine! The Power of Ownership

Debs Carter – What depression taught me

Catherine Wright  – Art and identity

Don John – Black history matters

Tony Curran – The Burger Apocalypse

Intermission: 2:50pm

Part 2: 4pm-5:50pm

Lewis Dartnell – How to rebuild our civilisation

Grant Sharkey – The trickster who lost his trick

Jan Williams – Beyond the tourist road signs

Chris Paradox – Becoming Nobody

Megan Streb – The power of liveable cities

George Monbiot & Ewan McLennan – Breaking the spell of loneliness

TEDxSouthampton resident poet Louise Adjoa Parker gathered thoughts and audience responses throughout the day. She prepared the poem “Bright Flames” which she performed at the end of the day. The poem is available here.